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What is the Praise board for? (READ BEFORE POSTING)


What is the Praise board for?

The Praise board is here for you to praise fellow members of the Feral Heart community.
Whether it be sending them a warm 'Happy Birthday' message, congratulating them on an achievement or simply saying some kind words about them and giving them the recognition they deserve.


* Please refrain from creating multiple threads for different individuals. If you have several users you'd like to praise at the current moment, just create one big thread for all of them.
* Do not create self-praise threads/threads about yourself.
* Do not post hurtful or offensive comments on a thread about a user just because the thread is praising someone you don't particularly like.

* Please do not post threads focusing on recently passed away users or friends of FeralHeart.
It's fine to praise someone that might not be with us today, but do avoid posting threads of recently deceased, especially if they include personal information. It's just more respectful to family, friends etc.


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