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I know Halloweens already over but I still wanted to jump on to say thank you to the Halloween party organizers and everyone who came and joined the fun! I absolutely love these events as they manage to get our community together really well.

I was so happy to see the number of online players reach almost 70 that day (its not much, but still a relatively big increase :D) It is awesome to get to talk to so many of you in game, see your characters and take memorable screenies together. And not to forget the stunning maps that are made for these events!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I just felt like ranting about FH parties a little today xD

I'm gonna move this over to the Praise board since you are thanking and praising others~

Oooh yes definitely! This community never ceases to amaze me =) I had an absolute blast with everyone there. Like I said at the party, this game wouldn't ever be the same without you all~

more like a commentary


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thats true, u could call it that too actually xD


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