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What is your strong fear?

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Well you know what the question is and I am interested.

I will share my one that I am having right now at this moment is trying to take a SMALL TINY TINY tablet, which I can't take because I think I am going to chock and die... .___. I have gone through like 3 gos? And threw the tablets against the wall and yelling at it like an angry ape...

So, whats yours? xD

o.o lol alright so im not scared of bugs but when they crawl all over me ill jump and bout have a heart attack lol umm this is kinda weird... but im frightened of zombies... c.c

Hahaha xDD Bugs.... yuck

lol xD im scared of some snakes too yet i still love on them .-. lol

To keep things simple and short.

Vasps and growing old.


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