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♪ I fly unseen
Through the wind of the worlds
Missiles cut space
Spearing the starlight
Masking the moon ♪



Cis Male


Varhmiel is a lean peryton with black fur and stripy white undersides. His back and the backside of his neck are covered in shimmery bronze and gold markings. Varhmiel's wings are a glowing white, bronze and gold with slick black tips, and his tail is a poofy and almost mist-like swirl of black and white, illuminated by pale yellow light. His eyes and hooves glow with the same pale light. On his face, he wears a deer skull covering his features, and his head is adorned with slick black antlers. Above his brow hovers a magical glowing stone shaped like a crescent moon.

Those who knew Varhmiel in passing considered him a quiet and observant soul, and it was only his closer associates who ever caught a glimpse of his true personality. But he is also taciturn, rarely betraying his inner thoughts, his acquaintances have said. The peryton displays condescending behaviours and has a rather forbidding, saturnine manner. Possessing an icy demeanour, he proves adept at reading the intentions of his adversaries, both mortal and angelic.

Born to a mortal doe and an Archangel, Varhmiel came to this world in the cold winter night that took his mother's life. Driven to madness by grief, his father turned on the newborn, but was fought off by his closest friend, Jasper, who came to the child's defense. Unwilling to fight his friend, the Archangel fled, and Varhmiel was left with a scarred and disfigured face, but he was safe under Jasper's care. The latter raised him as his own son but Varhmiel's resentment for his father, and his unwavering desire to avenge the violence the Archangel inflicted upon him, eventually led to the two's growing estrangement, which culminated one cold winter night, much like the night he was born, when, after a bitter argument with Jasper, Varhmiel ran away, set on ending his father's life.

After a long and gruesome battle, Varhmiel finally bested his father, and took his skull to wear as a mask, covering the disfigurment that the latter had inflicted upon him. Eventually found and brought to justice by the Angelic court, Varhmiel was sentenced to 1000 years in confinement, sealed in an alternate dimension set to repeat the same day for a millenium. During his long and torturous sentence, Varhmiel awakened the magic of the only lasting memento of his mother  - a mysterious moonstone, which he had inherited on the night she had died. Spending years and centuries in endless repeat, Varhmiel concentrated all his efforts into unlocking more of this newfound power, and with time learned to wield his angelic powers, to control the environment and reshape matter, to affect the world around him, both physical and intangible, until one day, he succeeded in weaving the essence of the moonstone and the world around him into his way out - a portal to another world.

Finally free, the half-angel escaped into this unknown new world, where he was met by none other than his adoptive father, Jasper.

♪ Will the world shudder
Will my heart stop
In a cave
In her maze
The spring slides
Through my sadness
And my winter ♪

Other Information
- He possesses the ability of weather manipulation and it's directly linked to his current emotional nature;
- His theme song is .Goëtia. (composed by Peter Gundry);

Preset made by Panzram
[download link]

Artwork by CHUDOVISHTE (Seven)
[to showcase his appearance]

this takes me back to the endless forest days

i dig the forest aesthetic, and how you were able to implement this in FH


--- Quote from: Jango_Fett on March 09, 2019, 09:34:04 pm ---this takes me back to the endless forest days

i dig the forest aesthetic, and how you were able to implement this in FH

--- End quote ---

That's very kind of you, thank you!

Interesting backstory and I love those wings-

Always adored this character's colors and design! Great job! ^^


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