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This is the self-love discussion where you post 3 things about yourself that you are proud of or love about yourself. This could be anything from major achievements to eating for the day - anything that makes you proud of yourself.

This is meant to be hard to start out with for some, but as time goes on you'll find that it will become easier as you are teaching yourself to love yourself more and more. Post here as many times throughout the day as you wish - and you're more than welcome to congratulate and celebrate other's achievements!

1. I've trained my kitty so well that she actually pooed in the toilet instead of on the floor.
2. I've been eating healthier lately and exercising more and it feels so good.
3. I expanded my hobby yesterday and got a new RC car that is absolutely gorgeous.

Now it's your turn!

i. while it's been a long time coming i'm finally working on going to bed and waking up earlier and.. it has felt very two steps forward, one step back, i still do feel confident in myself.
ii. my guitar skills have improved by margins, i can play a lot of songs that i love which is incredibly important to me.
iii. i'm now planning the road ahead for my life, putting together a google doc about potential careers, talking with recruiters, i'm psyched to kick it all off.

1. Finally spoke to the vice principal of my school and we will have a meeting next Monday. College here I come ;3
2. Giving FH a second chance and able to kick off an amazing server, with amazing friends. ^^

1. I was brave enough to go through a jaw surgery, and a stomach surgery for appendix disease.
2. I am good at Photoshop, Illustrator and Paint Tool SAI. I have designed logos and banners for other people.
3. I have a wild and beautiful imagination. I can control my dreams (lucid dreaming.) It's pretty awesome.
4. I love my body for what it is, even if I'm underweight. I have beautiful blue eyes.

But even if I know these things, even I can be insecure  and depressed sometimes, but that is perfectly okay. I'm human

1.) I'm proud of my fish keeping skills, even when my tank gives me stress I still love watching things grow and reproduce and just the dynamic of it all. Lets me know I am doing something right.
2.) I'm proud to have moved out of my parent's house and into my own place around 21 and I have a well paying job that I can sustain myself and my hobbies. Camper life is amazing and my parents visit often.
3.) I am proud of myself for just being alive and living my quiet life, not getting into social media and being wrapped up in cancel culture or whatever the kids are into these days lol.


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