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Appreciation and some memories with the staff!

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We all know the staff have been around for so many years and we have our good memories and had some great times with them. I wanna share some of my favourite memories and qualities to give appreciation to them an how amazing they all are.

You can do retired staff if you want <3 i know they deserve all the appreciation as well as the staff we have now

A few questions (if you wanna answer)
- How did you guys meet the staff?
- How did you feel about first meeting them?
- What are some good qualities about them now you have met them
- Greatest memory with them?

I'll start :D i met spicy and ame through the feral heartians server, though i had zero idea they were apart of the staff team (or MIT) i found them as kind and fun people to talk and be around though i was a bit hesitant on talking to them. I soon joined the Feralheartians's discord staff and i got to talk to spicy and than i joined ame's pack, i soon got more comfortable coming to them and they are now two people i consider great friends and two amazing staffers <3 they both have great qualities about them and its hard to just say a few but they are always ready to listen and help out when you need it, they are so much fun to be around. My greatest memory with ame is whenever i seen her online and i ran over to give her some snuggles (still do!)
My greatest memory with spicy might be when she said i could call her mom! XD

Kerker and bloo, i met them both in game! I knew they were staff members but when i met them, spicy and ame were there. I was hesitant on speaking to the two but when i did start, i loved it. Speaking to them was great, they are so easy to talk to and very kind people.
My greatest memory with kerker was probably when she let me call her kerker and whenever i see her online
Greatest memory with bloo is when she hops on feralheart and she lets me give her snugs xD

You're very sweet Security<3 Thank you for such a thoughtful post and I'm sure the others will appreciate it too!

N'aww thank you! I love your cuddles~ Cuddles for all -u-

Before I became a staffer, the first one I "met" was Nynx in Bonfire. I was just sitting online, she ran up to me and said that there was summer party going on  at whatever date, and then she poofed xD I imagine she was just going around the maps tellin everyone. Later on I saw her again in Ficho, so I whispered her and said hello. After that I saw the others through either parties or random times I would see em in-game. I still have a screenshot of when I saw Sura, Morgra and Kynvuu online in Cherika. Came back from tabbing and all three of em were there lol

I felt a tad nervous about whispering Nynx when I said hello to her, but aside from that I felt excited and happy to have caught her there. After that first happy "Hello!" back from Nynx I felt more comfortable with approaching the others.

Nynx, Sura, Kiki, Moggy, Kyn, all such lovely lovely people. Before my time as a staffer, the little I was able to interact with them, especially with my time on MOTS one year, I could see that they're just so kind and thoughtful. I can tell without a doubt they all love this community and game so so much, and they all give their best for everyone.

My greatest memory has to be my first post on the forum, aka my introduction thread. They had all welcomed me to the forum, and quite frankly I thought that was so cool. To this day I still hold that little bit dear to my heart.

Staff are very nice. They deserve all the recognition for their work here!

  This is such a nice post, Its always nice to bring back the awesome memories with people you care about<3

  I met the staff for the first time in a winter holiday event, but I never really interacted until I started to become active in the community. Just like some people here, I was also hesitant at first because my first impression was from some users that I met in game, that told me how bad the staff was and all that jazz. But once I got to interact with them, and get to know them better, I realized how awesome, caring, understanding and helpful the staff are.
  Now I look up to them, because I see the work and effort they put in the game and community and it always gives me motivation to keep supporting it!
  My favorite memories would definitely be becoming MOTS and working along the staff. It was something I never thought I would achieve, but now it just shows that its a totally reachable goal and with dedication and hard work, nothing is impossible<3


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