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Anthro or Feral?

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Do you prefer anthro or Feral characters in general? Feel free to describe your reasoning.

I tend to lean more towards feral, just cause I feel like it is easier to act more like an animal when rping. Plus depending on who you ask the style of anthro can be different than what you pictured, could be plantigrade or digitigrade or some kind of mix of the two. I also like having my character be a helpful pack mule or a rideable mount, faster to get around lol.
Though every now and then it will be nice to mix it up and go anthro, do rps like Zootopia or Beastars or just having a species like the Rito from Zelda.

I definitely like Zootopia. XD
I do both types of chars, but the stories I write tend to be better suited for anthro chars due to them doing more human things like living in houses, using manmade items like computers and phones, and wearing various types of clothing. I do prefer a digigrade art style though, since it is more anatomically correct and retains more animal characteristics.

I am planning a game based on it too. Hence why I am making my own game engine. Although I am also planning a port of Impressive Title too.

Feral for me~ I enjoy the more natural look. On rare occasion I'll have a anthro design that I like but I'm mainly feral~

Both. My characters have the ability to walk on their hinds legs [if they don't naturally do] but still walk in their natural positions.


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