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Anthro or Feral?

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While I love Disney's Zootopia and Robin Hood, when it comes to RPing I usually play as full feral or just humans tbh! So I picked feral since I hardly ever play anthro characters!

I also love both- but since I saw Feral- I automatically thought 'Feral Heart' and tapped 'Feral'. LOL x'DD
But yea, Zootopia is awesome- I love it. Especially the Gazelle played by Shakira. And of course, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. They're an amazing team~

As for role-plays, I prefer Feral forms. Going all the way into the Balto / The Lion King kind of realms...
'Nature at its finest'- Heh. LOL

I like both but I prefer to draw anthropomorphic because I'm not very good at drawing paws. :'D


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