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Hetschaeffer || MY DREKKIE <3


The tale of my wonderful Drekkubus.

If you're interested in what a Drekkubus IS- check out their website for more: https://mambodrekkie.wixsite.com/thedrekkubusden

NB || 5'7 || Reserved at first.. but not really.

An odd one, I know. But the Drekkubus species is something I honestly hold dear to my heart. And yeah, scream furry if you want but that's not even the main reason I chose this species as a main to begin with.

Design Lore: Hetsch is a character that kinda represents me, and what I like. Horns, MASSIVE ears, huge tail, based on cats respectively, bright colours and a 'pick-me' attitude. They have so much lore, different variations and I just adore the options given by the creator to really make each drekkubus unique and personalized.

Name Lore: 'Hetschaeffer' was something random made up by half me, and half my friend for a name of my horse on Alicia Online. But the name stuck, and eventually represented something different. It has no official meaning from what I know, and is completely random. But that's okay ^^ It was kinda 'inspired' by just- my mini obsession with the german-era from my history class I had in the 9th grade or something, and I wanted a german SOUNDING name, but no official german names stuck so we kinda made one up. If there was any actual meaning behind our reasons, I have no clue what it is now.

About the Character: Outside of myself for a moment- Hetschaeffer is a character who's the type to really sneak up on you. Like the extroverted stranger who just sits themselves right down next to a loner and claims them as their new best friend. And guess what? They make it work. That is partially my reason behind the bright design. Other than that, complete forager. Likes to explore, always in places where they shouldn't be and somehow turns even the worst situation into at least a decent one. But they're in your face, a lot. Hetsch isn't some character in their own world that could be written as a novel, with mega lore and deep personality, connections, etc. They're kinda just- me, but not me. An alter ego, of sorts. Based in reality, and their story expands with every new chapter that comes irl for them. Likkkeee THIS NEW COMMISSION I GOT OF THEM ARENT THEY AMAZING?

Credit to my absolutely stunning friend Chu for taking the commission. I couldn't have asked for a better friend.

Anyways, hope you liked them! Kinda not descriptive, but that's the point I think.  :)


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