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Obscure Character Species


Where are my obscure character species @?

Some of my characrters' species are so obscure to the point where they get mistaken for other animals.
...You think maybe I'm going too obscure?

Anyways, one of my characters is a mongoose. Not just any mongoose however, a giant one! Since she's huge for a mongoose, she's commonly mistaken for a big-cat (Like black panthers).

I have a few really weird species. The weirdest is probably this one with a lion head, thick, black torso fur, and gray and bright green legs that walks with an inverted body position.

My fursona is a twist on Chinese mythology, zouyus. They're huge big cats, usually tigers, who look fierce and intimidating but are actually super freindly and are a sign of peace and prosperity. They usually have very long tails and are vegetarians. I added hand-like paws to my gal and made the species to be any kind of Panthera, they also have a few other little details that make them different from the the actual folklore but doing their whole history I made up would take up a lot of space lol. I've always kinda wanted to make them an open species but I also want my girl to be unique so I've just kept it all written down and in my head lol.
Usually people have no idea what my fursona is, I tell them her base shape is a lion with a few tweaks.

I have this creature in my head. A shape-shifting angel that doesn't have the traditional wings on back but looks like a human and will grow wings on his arms when needed. He has a beast form which is this animal the size of a Dire Wolf. It is like a hippogriff except it has a human-like face and eyes, the body and wings of a merlin falcon, the paws of a bear, and a zebra like rump with stripes and a long falcon like tail.

There's this other shape-shifting creature I have in mind. It also has a human like face. it is always shapeshifting so it can have feathers or antlers depending on how it's feeling but it always has these main characteristics:
1)Wooly, earthy, coarse dark fur. the whole thing is covered in hair from head to toe
2)Very massive
4)Sharp serrated teeth with hooks on them like a Crab-eating seal
5)I don't know how to put this in words but swirl-like. Follows the golden ratio with a swirl in the centre of its body.
6)White light glowing from its eyes

And yeah! there you go. i have a huge book on creature design and design a lot of creatures on four legs. it is so much fun ^^


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