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Hi guys!
My name is Hati, I am returning to feralheart after sometime just cuz I'm bored and want to make new friends.
I am in the 12th grade, I'm half Asian, I like indie rock (specifically Death Cab For Cutie, Elliott Smith, and Grizzly Bear), I play the violin, and I used to be a furry but left the community a while ago. I prefer ferals over anthros and I like natural looking characters with muted color palettes. I love the science of color and know a lot about it.

I want to be a graphic designer one day or an illustrator. I am very artsy fartsy and am currently working on a graphic novel about the Greek Underworld. I might share some of it (but only the sfw parts to make everyone happy :)). Here is something I'm working on. It is a lower half of a Minotaur:

Still not complete.

Anyhow, I talked to some of you on here (I think Namu). My character is a green wolf with antlers called Dante after Dante Alighieri. I am very awkward and introverted sometimes.

I hope to meet new friends here. Nice to meet you guys!
Ok bye

Welcome to our lovely game! I am interested to see the development in your story. :) I look forward to meeting you in the game!

welcome to the game! Hope to see you around!

Welcome back to FeralHeart! Interested in your works, and I'm curious to see whatcha got in that novel of yours. Excited to see you around!



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