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hii!! i had to remake an account, i haven't been on in so long lol. i used to be cookiewolf10 and Topaz Heart. i would be on pretty much every day til a couple of yrs ago now... :/ i moved out and such. now that i'm returning, though, everybody is gone?? D: has the game died out..?

i always played with this pack, the Reaver Empire, and i think at one point or another i had been in TEC... not sure. lol

but i'm back, in a very, very lonely game lol. what all happened while i was away? :(

Welcome back to the game!!

The game is mostly active around the weekends midday. A lot of members left after the newest update to the game, but we have been going steady since then. I do not know anything about the Reaver Empire, but I do know that TEC is still alive and thriving!

I hope to see you in game!

welcome back!
lots has gone on including map changes, members making item and marking packs, staff changes. parties/contests and a lot more, the news and the news archives are all great places to start when looking to see what's what and what's changed.
hope you enjoy your time back!

Welcome back to FH! Your old users definitely sound familiar, and as Spicy said, TEC is still alive and kicking! If you’d like to join again, let me know, we’d love to have you back <3. It may seem a little quiet around here, but I can assure you there’s still many members hanging around, even older veterans like myself.

It’s wonderful to have you return, hope to see you around in game soon!~

Welcome back to FeralHeart! It's always nice to see veterans return! Hope to see you around in game!


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