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Would you rather?

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Well, if you don't know already would you rather is a game where you take two different situations and you have to pick one. 


Person 1: Would you rather eat a live snake or a live spider?

Person 2: Snake.

*Remember that after you answer a "would you rather" you have to put one down to keep it going.*

I'll start

Would you rather wear green or blue for the rest of your life?


Would you rather kill your best friends, or your family? :P

Kill my best friends.  Sorry friends! 0.o

Would you rather sleep on hot coals or rusty nails?

Holy jeebus um um um um LOL ur mean ... some family and some friends >: ( lol

Would you rather sniff ur toes or put ur hands in a bunch of jelly and rub it all over youself?

(lol wtf im weird)

dangit tina now i gotta answer urs too .-. hot coals ftw xD... ow... dont ask bout the black spots on meh body .-.


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