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Custom Titles: What would yours be?

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What would be your custom title?
Occasionally you may see some users with custom titles as shown below:

The option to give yourself a custom title is a privilege gained by either staff or Members of the Season during their time as a MOTS winner.

So my question to you is if you could have a custom title what would you change it to? If you already have a custom title and could change it what would you change it too ^^?

I figured this could be an interesting little topic.

It is indeed a very interesting topic Sura! I would most likely put something to do with carrots tbh. Cause I'm totally uncreative. xD

I might just keep my custom title, since I already have one from quite a while ago.

Or "Very Masculine Griffin." That one's pretty good. |D

Oh this topic is purty sweeet..
Mine would be: Virtuous Pandeer Swegg.
Don't know why, but it just seems right. BD

For some reason I can never come up with one of these that I'd like XD Maybe something like "Space Queen" or "That one Sci-fi nerd".


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