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History of who nuzzled you

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It's not a suggestion or input, just a discussion.
Sometimes I think it would be interesting and delightful to see who've floof'ed (nuzzled) you throughout your time on the forums. To know who really looks up to you. :)
What about you guys?
Or would it be too much stalking? HmmFace.jpg

I've always wanted to know as well? If it was possible, I think it would be lovely to see. xD

That's an interesting thought! Not sure I'd want to be able to check that though, just knowing someone nuzzled is enough to get me excited and it goes both ways, you'd also know who didn't. On the other hand, you'd know who likes what you do and could probably even become friends or at least have a good conversation out of it. =)

Nice topic Ellen!

It would be a great feature definitely :)

It would actually be pretty intriguing to see who nuzzled you! I've always wondered the same thing.


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