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Do You Take Floofs Seriously?

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Pretty much the title has summed up the topic. Do you, as a FeralHeart user, take floofs serious?

Ideally its a tiny reward if you've done something good, creative, or out the extraordinary. For me, I take it serious since I take my time and write what I have to say. It could be writing my two cents or just taking part of community activities. I appericate my voice being heard.

Anyway, yes I take it serious. C; it's 8 am and I dont know how to type

Last part of what you said is me. XD

Well, I guess I do take them seriously. Whenever I get a little reward it makes me feel happy, and that I've actually done something good to deserve it. Whenever I see someone posting very creative work, screenshots, good words, literally anything that touches my heart, I'll always grant a member a floof. And since you mentioned them, I'll yeet one over to you! ^^

Yeah, actually I do :3
 It just makes me happy to know that somebody appreciated what I did, even if its anonymous xD It was also so cool when I hit my 25 posts cuz now I can also give floofs to others, I was so excited ^_^

Kinda, especially on this account haha


I see it as more of a "I did a good thing" but I am not out to only rack up the points - if you know what I mean. I see it as I did a good thing and others are letting me know, but if the number doesn't move then I don't really fret or worry over it. It is always fun and exciting when I get a new floof, and honestly I wish we had a system in place to know who floof+ us, but I see it more as a "Thank you/No Problem" type thing.


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