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1. What part of your job do you like the most?
2. What part of your job do you like the least?
3. Did you ever expect to be chosen to be staff here?
4. What was your biggest dream becoming staff?
5. What is you biggest dream now?

Personally this question seems like a question they need to answer.

However, if I was in their shoes and had to answer this question truthfully, I would say no. I would have said I made a personal oath and pomise, to the members, I will guide to a path where their ideas and opinions were appericate and validated. Watching members and making sure everyone safe is my top priority. If someone is being mistreated or feels unsafe, it is my job to help them; so no, I wouldn't get bored. Jobs like this you need to love, and if you get bored, then it's not a job for you.  That's how I would have answered.

That's one answer I have so far

Trust me. People can get bored and still do their job. This thread wasn't intended to see who is or isn't doing their job.


I have to agree with Ironic, I see this as being a discussion better had with the Staff privately. I appreciate the attempt to engage them for the community to see, but in a way I can see people taking the Staff's word the wrong way.

Staff: 'Yes, sometimes I get bored.'
Someone: 'They have no motivation. We need Staff that are motivated and love their job, not this kind of laziness.'

etc etc.


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