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embarrassing old times

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am i the only one who like looks over at their old threads and finds how goddamn embarassing i was in the past? like jesus christ how did ya'll put up with me back then holy crap BAHAHAHHA

no but im not included


--- Quote from: danysaurus on October 15, 2021, 06:05:19 pm ---no but im not included

--- End quote ---
im glad LMFAO i was so hyper and everything i seemed so annoying

Yeah I can't look at my old posts at all without giving an involuntary shudder lol. Man I was a riot a few years ago.

Hello~ If you could please change the title of the thread to something more relevant to the topic at hand, that would be awesome~ Maybe something along the lines of "embarrasing old threads" or even "old thread cringe" would work just fine.


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