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Howdy folks, feels rough posting here knowing I plan on deleting my account soon after. Before I get into all that though I would just like to remember my time here on this game and the forum. I joined in January of 2012 and created my fursona in September of that year. That is over ten years on this game and even though I became more distant in the end I still came on here at least once a week to just lurk around, waiting for any important news for the game. Many of the people I recognized have left and I cannot remember the last time I played the game. Although things have drastically changed over the years and the game has gotten quieter, I will always cherish the time I have spent in this place. This was the place where my roleplaying hobby boomed and got me interested in what furries were...years later lol. I made so many amazing friends and even though I don't talk to any of them now, I still remember some of their names. Okamistar, Camino, Alucard, Vespian, HugMasterTofu, FelltheFox, Lemonsthecat, and I am sure so much more. I had an amazing time on the forums as well, mostly staff stick out in my mind as being memorable (in a good way). WhiteLightHeart, Vespian, Sura, and Kiki just to name a few. I remember starting off in this game I hung around in Sky's Rim almost 24/7 and finally began exploring once my friend had to leave the game. I spent more time in Bonfire Island oddly enough and had gone through so many RP characters and I created one named Maxwell that I adored and so did a good number of other people. I still use him in RPs too. I had like Pokémon generations of characters as I grew, from very simple and definitely cringey wolves and big cats to branching out into more personality types, and then landing on anything from an owl/cat griffon to a salamander to a tiger that spits acid lol. Thyme on the other hand, she has been with me through it all and I will link her bio at the end of this if anyone is curious of her history. I remember the days I used to make maps too, that had a lot of ups and downs. Being able to be so creative was amazing and I felt like I did some pretty awesome stuff, never shared much of it though. Somewhere between the thousands of posts on this site there is a thread where I showed off my FeralHeart tattoo, but I'll post it again here because I got it colored in. This game as truly been a wild ride, but I feel as though I have fell off from it. Yes, I keep an eye on the forums, but nothing is grabbing me in anymore and I have no idea what to even talk about. The game has become stale for me, but I know that could also be because I am an FH boomer lol. I do hope the best for this game and if it continues to press onwards then maybe it will grow into the army of players and creators it once was. I love you FeralHeart and I hate to say goodbye, but I cannot cling on anymore. You guys have fun out there!!

Discord: wolfdog01#0536
Thyme's Biography: Bio

happy trails, wolfdog, you've been a real one.


--- Quote from: Telluric on March 16, 2022, 04:21:40 am ---happy trails, wolfdog, you've been a real one.

--- End quote ---

You will be missed, wolfdog!

its a shame to see you go, but I understand you. Times change and most things must come to an end. Its been nice knowing you, even for the small amount of interacting xD Hope everything goes well for you<3


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