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This server is an UNOFFICIAL community server for FeralHeart.
While this server was created by an official game staff member, in no way shape or form should this server be considered an official platform for the game/community.

The overall intent and goal for this server is to create a place where members of the FeralHeart community can chat, stay connected, and share their creations with the rest of the community.

While this server provides convenience, we still strongly encourage use of the official site/forum. It is integral that the game still receives it's funds through the ads displayed on it's website in order for the game to continue running.

Current Server Staff

[!] Note that the FHR staff should not be confused with the official FeralHeart staff [!]

While some the official FeralHeart game staff may be apart of the FHR team, their handlings here are strictly discord server related
and should not be treated or seen as "official" to the actual game, staff, and forum/site in any way.
If you have any questions, concerns, or reports pertaining to the official game, please direct them to an official staff member > here <

Ame88 | Ame88

dylantheboat | boatride

What This Server Offers

- Custom roles
- Collectable "badge" roles that you can gain with participation on both the official game/forum and this discord server
- Feedback and suggestion channels (we want to hear from you!)
- A ticket system for server reports, allowing you to privately speak to all current server staff
- FeralHeart specific channels for presets, maps, objects, and more!
- Friendly and welcoming staff

If you'd like to join, hop on in!
> Join Server! <


you must join, or no cookie

Oooo. I'm for sure joining in on this! :)

Always fun to have an opportunity to get to know the FH community better! I definitely hopped in!


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