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How Would You Feel If You Were Asked To Be A Moderator?

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This topic is not implying you will or will not become one, but I'm curious how people would feel if they were asked to be a moderator here. (Or anywhere.) Would you accept or decline? How would it make you feel exactly?

Just out of curiosity.

Personally, I will feel honor and take the job. I will not take the job to feel worthy or whatever, but just have fun and just do same thing as possible: Help others. But since I don't necessarily do the helping out anymore I don't know. Anyway, off topic. Yeah ill accept.

I would be very, very, very confused.

I've had these kind of positions before(Many eons ago), for roleplay forums and wip games, but for a game/forum like this.....
I'd wonder how insane you would be to ask me to be a Staff member.
Might deny it, so they can save face, as, let's face it, I'm not the greatest role model or most dedicated person. If they insisted for a long period of time, or asked multiple times, then that'd be a maybe.

But probably a no.

Is probably what I'd say because I personally do not think I have what it takes
to be one though I am very active and helpful it's a big responsibility. If I was
asked now I'd probably deny it until I have more experience

Honestly when it comes to good things like this happening to me I am rather negative. xD
I know this type of thing would never happen to me, but I have to admit my reaction to being asked to become one would most likely be me being dumbfounded. I would probably sit there confused and wondering if they whispered the wrong person. Then I would most likely accept it after much thinking, and smacking my head to realize they messaged the right person.


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