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Is there anyone else who tends to stalk the 'Who's Online' feature? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, its this. If you click on the button saying '# guests, # users (# buddies, # hidden)' above the list of people who are online, it leads you to that.)

Sometimes if I'm bored or want to see what someone is doing (like if they're posting on a thread or just viewing it) I tend to wander over there every once in awhile. I dunno, it's interesting seeing what threads most people are looking at or what threads random guests have stumbled across, or even if someone is viewing your profile.

Is there anyone else who stalks/visits the Who's Online page? Or have you not even heard of this before? I never hear people talk about it, so I'm not sure if a lot of people use it or not.

Ayy. It's always been one of my favourite features.
Comes in handy for sure. Also quite interesting to see what other users tend to read.

Hmm, I never seemed to notice that feature before. Interesting... Stalking time! x3

Stumbled upon it by accident .... Don't even recall how I did it unless I was just going through the many features this site had , Lol.

Been awhile since I looked at it though. c;


-casually stalks from a distance-

I use it all the time ;)


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