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You guys keep asking, so I'm delivering.

I wasn't lying when I told people repeatedly over the past three years that most of my textures just don't exist anymore, but the good news is that instead, I've remade the often-requested canine and feline overhaul entirely with better fur textures (though still in keeping with the original aesthetic), ALL of the eyes redone, and other bonus features that I didn't include before. I'm still working around the simple fact that being an adult is time consuming, so at least for now I'm still holding back on any GUI retextures and things like the galaxy portals or sci-fi moon, but hopefully this is better than nothing.

Post 1 - Texture Mods
Post 2 - Miscellaneous
Post 3 - Presets         

Don't redistribute my mods, upload them elsewhere,
or add them into other modpacks without permission
Don't claim any of the work below as your own         
Don't demand things like the old files back or entire 
GUI overhauls, the first is impossible and demanding
things from me is a very good way to never             
get them                                                               

Do use my fur textures, eye textures, and markings 
in your presets, as long as you give credit               
Do post polite suggestions if you have them, or       
texture flaws if you find them, but make sure they   
haven't already been posted by someone else         


Canine and Feline Realism Overhaul

(Includes feline, canine, eyes, and markings)

It's new, it's improved, it's back from the dead. This mod replaces both the fur texture and masks of your characters for a look that's realistic, but stylized to still fit with the FH aesthetic. All textures have been repainted from scratch, with the exception of the wolf tail and eyes, which... turns out I had sitting around on my computer all this time for some reason. No idea why they survived all the other textures, but there they were.

If you like one part of the mod but not another (eg. you want your wolves modded but like your felines as-is, or you prefer the default markings) you can easily mix and match; everything is organized into folders and clearly labeled so you can only add the parts you want. The only thing I wouldn't recommend is combining, say, the default feline head mask with the modded feline body mask, since they are not compatible and the result will look like something created by Dr. Frankenstein, if Dr. Frankenstein had been a closet furry with questionable taste.


Warning: here there be lots of images.


Cheetah 2

Cub Spots



King Cheetah



Snow Leopard


Tiger 2


Back Leg Stripes

Striped Legs

Butt Stripes

Marble Bengal
(Note: If you have the Legendary Markings, as of writing this it still erases this marking. Hopefully its creator will fix the error, but until then you may not see this one on your list)

Spotted Hyena
(Note: tail is still default. If it ain't broke...)

Striped Hyena


Husky 2


Canine and Feline Stylized Overhaul

(Includes Feline, Canine, and Eyes)

So maybe realism is not for you, but you're still looking for something just a little snappier than the default. A little sharper, perhaps, or cleaner. Well, my discerning friend, today is your lucky day, because you now have access to exactly that at the very reasonable price of completely free. My goal here was to create something in the same general genre as the default, but as aesthetically pleasing as I could possibly make it, plus removed of several minor issues the default has. I even returned to my old arch nemesis, the FH wolf model, plus upgrading it with its own body mask. All eyes are redone as well. This doesn't include the redone markings (someday I might have time to make more stylized versions, but it is not this day), but it does work pretty well with them anyway and you can get them from the Realism Overhaul above without having to install the rest.



Star Fix


An extremely simple texture alteration that turns your stars from twinkly +s into, y'know, stars.


World of Two Moons


I've been slightly obsessed with Elfquest lately, so I made a quick little moon retexture based on it. And speaking of quests, this is also part of my ongoing one to get my stuff to download properly. Let me know if it works.

To install, just drop it into your textures folder to replace the original (and as always, make a backup).


Shoreline Podium


I noticed the new Podium map was making it difficult to design characters, especially dark ones, because of the overwhelming Space Odyssey-esque contrast and business the logo created. I know a few people have already made some very nice replacements for it, but I'm putting this one up because it has the benefit of being simple, unobtrusive, and low on items in case your computer, like mine, is seven years old and resents every second it has to spend running these fool newfangled video games.

I also just really love open grassy shorelines in general so there's that.

(I don't have time to make another banner right now, eh)

While I don't spend a whole lot of time in-game lately, I do enjoy making presets and don't really ever make/use characters without one, so here they are if anyone wants to see my chars  properly.



My not-really-a-fursona and walking David Bowie reference that I use most frequently both on the forums and in game. I mostly use him to chill on the maps and hang out with people, not generally for long term RPs (though he is fun to RP with so feel free to ask/strike one up if you see me wandering around on him).

R. Gethin


Found this old thing with the inexplicably surviving wolf eye texture. Getty is a robot panther whose sole defining character trait is being a robot panther, and due to the Three Laws is pretty much a harmless cinnamon roll who just happens to look like the Terminator. His visibly robotic parts are metallic and animated, and I'll also happily RP on him if asked.



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