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Users you looked up to?

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So, when you guys first joined, were there any specific people in the community that you looked up to or considered idols? Maybe because of their amazing art in the art board, their successful roleplay in-game, or just their overall helpfulness around the game and forum? Do you still really look up to some people?

I'm curious, because I was flipping through my old posts from my first couple years here a while ago and saw that I was quite attached to some people, heheh! I still remember a few users in particular that I wanted to be like someday, mostly because of their art skills.

What about you guys?

Well can't really say that I looked up to anyone when I first joined. I never had friends and preferred to just be alone. But after coming back this year, I made a ton of new friends and I look up to each and every one of them! ^^

Interesting Topic ~!

Long story short, there are quite a few members I look up to, even some since I started joining the forums / game itself because of their many and various talents and I saw them as role models.
But I think the list is slowly growing because there's still so many other creators out there that I have yet to discover or hardly know ~!

Can't remember names, but I do recall when I was very young and new to this forum, I looked up to Lord Suragaha a lot, because of my own family ties to the Marines, and she seemed like a sweet and smart girlie.

S'only one I remember looking up to for a long period of time.

Man I know there's a user I look up to. (Despite them not wanting me to xD) Because I tend to really just look up to those who I've become close with, there's only one user that I can think of at the moment that I look up to. But I'm sure as time goes on, I might find more. And as for the art and everything, man I'm always getting shocked by how well people can make things and it either deters me from moving forward or pushes me forward depending on my mood. xD I like to draw myself and man from all of the art I've seen on here, I know I need a lot of practice! So I guess in that regard, I look up to people who are good with art as well, just not on as much of a personal level.


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