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Where is the FeralHeart Discord?

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*rises from the grave* I'm back. For now, anyway.

I've wanted to know how to access the FeralHeart discord. Is there a link somewhere? I forgot where I originally got it [like 2017 or something] and I'd love to know where it is. Not sure if it belongs here, but thanks.

Thanks for reading the post!

There isn't an official FeralHeart discord server.

However, ex-admin Shally has a discord server that a few of us goof around in if you'd like to take a peek c;

Thank you for the link!

 Hellooo, as Morgra said there isn't an official one,
however there is this real large Discord that was made in September.
It's called Feral Community! It has a bunch of members from FH as well as staff.

I haven't joined any other "FH Based" servers, so I can't give an opinion on the other ones.
I also haven't been checking in on this server much, so I'm not too sure how booming it is.
But I do know it's a great way to get help, download presets, request stuff and see rp advertisements or commission ads!

here's the link to the forum post about it!

Find the ones that suits you - Discord Servers Hub!


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