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I'm not sure who else has noticed on the MOTS Hall of Fame thread, but for every year that the game has existed with MOTS or MOTM, there is a name from that era in the game. Like 'Building Blocks', or 'Clockworks'. And I thought it was pretty neat, but I wonder what's the story behind some of them. Especially the last few years coming up to 2020, like this year is named Apocalypse, why is that? Discuss

Also I just to say, I'm proud to of been a MOTS during the FUNGUS era.

Clockwork year over here! AYOO.
Would also like to know the truth behind some of the names. I feel like the Apocalypse one was cause of that one thing in October with the Mods and the site going into a .png pic and things like that. Idk maybe it was a panic title lol.

Now that's pretty interesting! Thanks for linking, would've completely missed that.
With how things are at times, it could be a little 'Easter Egg' or even some significant event as the community and even the game has undergone with changes.. Some of the names would make since while others might a small little hat tip during those 'major' moments that is hardly spoken of.
The one that really stands out to me so far is 2O2O and that's Apocalypse and that can be what's going on at this moment at the start of the year. With past cases 'linked' with the '2O in the years, etc... It makes me wonder what the future years will hold.. Another one that stands out to me is 'Sacrifice.' I see it as the year where a lot of members ( especially the well known ones ) have either became less active or had ventured elsewhere from the community.. Or just a lot of members giving up their time and efforts to pay the way for future gens.. ( if that makes sense ).

Here's my theory and take on it.

1. Starting year - starting year, so yeah

2.  Adaptive Times - A year into the games release and just generally adapting and changing with things.

3. Building Blocks - Things are building up more, and FH is probably at it's peak. But things still need lots of work

4.  A New Beginning -  From what I can gather, this was when the planning of the later 2016 update came to fruition. At this point KovuLKD had stopped correspondence with the staff at the time, and so they wanted to move forward.

5. Clockworks - Working out things from within, preparing for the update to come.

6. Fortify - To Fortify, is to strengthen. This was an important year to lift up the community and to make it stronger, the update came and it lead to mixed results, but still giving some strength into the community to take the steps forward was important

7. Sacrifice - I'm not too sure about this one, but I figured that somethings needed to be given up for the greater good. I don't know what those things are, but sacrifice

8. Putrification - This is where things get all bacteria-fungus esque. But from what I found, it's a term for decomposition of organic matter that then creates a foul smell.Which considering the events that year..

9. Fungus - I honestly don't know. Maybe a fungus expert can step in, because I feel it does tie into Putrification somehow and I'm not smart enough to tell.

10. Apocalypse - Who knows honestly. Could be the struggling playerbase, making FH barren and empty.

To be honest you hit the nail on my thoughts for most if not all of those takes!
When I hear the word 'fungi' or anything of the sort I imagine the spores branching off from the 'host' or their origin and becoming something entirely on their own.. as if branching off and becoming more 'independent.'
Even though I stopped being insanely active on here, I still lurked and heard about the events that happened around this era and I believe it still ties with the Putrification in some shape and/ or forme considering how the events between those two years can be linked and how this place was starting to branch away a bit from the negativity and become the pathways to something 'more.' Subtle but still a change nonetheless.


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