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Player Feedback

The purpose of this thread is for us, the players, to give feedback to our moderation team.
What are you dissatisfied with? Would you like to share some good experiences you've had with staff?
Is there anything they could be better at? Do you believe you have some good suggestions on how they could improve?
Then this is the thread for you!

However, for this to go as smoothly as possible, I have set some ground rules.
Please make sure that you follow all the rules before posting any feedback!

Thread Rules

- Make your feedback constructive.
Simply saying "mods are horrible" won't give them any idea on how they could improve. Try to be as descriptive as possible.

- This is not a ban appeal thread.
Please refer to the Staff FAQ if you believe you've been unfairly sanctioned.

- Do not address specific staff members.
The feedback posted in this thread should go to the moderation team as a whole, and not any named individual.
Please contact a staff member in private or message the server master if you have serious concerns about a specific member of staff.

- Please do not speak on behalf of the staff team.
While you're allowed to participate in a healthy discussion, please allow a member of staff to review all feedback.
Do not disregard other players posts; staff should have the final word in any suggestions made by players.

- Do not quote comments without adding any new feedback.
Do not quote other players without adding anything new to the post. This counts as spam and will be moderated.

Please remember that this thread is also subject to the Official Forum Rules & Guidelines.

Wouldn't it make sense if we used the surveys instead?

They are similar to your questions.


--- Quote from: Ironic on April 11, 2021, 02:00:47 am ---Wouldn't it make sense if we used the surveys instead?

They are similar to your questions.

--- End quote ---

It takes much longer to collect responses from surveys. Having a public feedback thread is key for communication.

I'm always open for feedback, no matter the source c:

Please, members, feel free to post here without fear of reprimand so long as your feedback adheres to the rules of the forums and the guidelines of this thread's original post!

Thank you, Bloo! What's your opinion on having a designated place (or a thread) where player submitted fan art, game fan fiction, screenshots and maps would be highlighted?

While official FeralHeart newsletters do include community highlights, they do not serve as a community portal where the finest creations can be showcased and that's because of their seasonality. It'd be amazing having a large selection of great community contributions and fun content presented somewhere other than only in seasonal newsletters (livestreams, official FeralHeart social media, etc).

I'm aware that creating such designated place on the website for sharing player content is not something that may happen in the foreseeable future, so why not improvise with a whole new thread in the "News" section or even a whole new section/board (Player Submitted Work/Community Portal/Monthly Community Showcase) in the "News" section (because it's at the top of the forum)?

Thanks in advance!


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