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Looking for an old friend


Hello. This isn't really an introduction as I used to play this game quite often but as I grew older and less people who I'd made friends with disappeared, or no longer played, so did I.
But I haven't forgotten the most important friend who I loved to RP with. Their username was wildhart and if anyone knows what happened to them or how to get in contact with them ethir through discord or some other platform please let me know as I truly miss my friend who stopped playing.  Thank you for your time 🖤

Moving this to the forum help board since I think it will fit better there~

As for your friend, I found their profile for you, but unfortunately it doesn't look like they left any platform names on it;u=129804

Aw I wish you luck in being able to find them! Hopefully someone here is still in contact with your old friend! I know how you feel, though, I have a ton of old friends from this game that I haven't found again because they no longer play the game. It's such a shame.

I hope you'll consider getting on and starting to make new friends again as well! Welcome back to Feralheart!

Thank you, I have tried looking at members list but no avail.
It's been years so I have little hope in finding them but I'd thought I'd try.

Hello! What was your username?


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