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it’s been real!

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never thought i’d be making this post…
i made my first account november 20, 2011 and what a time it’s been! I remember being a youngin and sprinting home after school just to get a taste of edgy neon sparkle dog roleplay. The days when bonfire was coined “lagfire”, discovering how to glitch onto the top of the ficho tunnel walls, adopting a pup just to ditch the fella an hour later and hop back on a different account! The best days of my life. I will always be thankful for the friends I made, and all the efforts of the staff to keep the game up and morale high in these last few years.
Making friends used to be so easy, but maybe it was just because we were all young and naive, or maybe i’m just old and anxious now lol. Now, people will just sit in silence in The Grounds (most likely on a discord call)
-And there’s nothing wrong with that! I just miss the days when things were simple and you could just walk up to a group and make friends without needing a third party app. I believe the genre is unfortunately past it’s prime and due to that, the original fanbase grew up and moved onto other things. I will always have hope for the future, that some school kid will find this game and show all their other friends, reigniting the spark of FH. Until then, it’s been real!
     - sincerely, moonlitewolf234 & neurotic.


I was not here in the games peak, but I can understand how you feel! When I first joined, there were many instances where I made a bunch of friends and later on they dissappear and I just make new friends xD so it went through that cycle until the grounds got quieter and eventually I became quiet myself. But I'm sure the the are people there simply who don't prefer to start up a convo themselves, but open up once you do, you can get to know them a lot more! I've done this many times before, only to never see them again, but it was still interesting to meet them LOL

I used to be one of those pups that got ditched

Farewell old fellow floof. I remember seeing you around the game sometimes. Have a good one. <3

It's sad to see you go. We'll be here if you ever decide to return. Stay safe out there!


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