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need help logging into old acc / changing its user


hi! ive recently tried to log into my og feral heart account but everytime i try to log in to 'play game' tab, it says "Your Username contains symbols known to cause issues with FeralHeart"[[aka the attached pic]]. My user is: ~WolfieRider~ and since ive had the user (~2014ish) its never given me a problem til now.
but when i try to log into the user panel to change it/remove the ~~, it doesnt log me in and instead just reloads the page :,(

in short i just need help trying to gain access/change the user! pleasee and thank you (im so desperate i just wanna see my old characters n all <3 ;D )

Hey there! So that username doesn't come up in the member search, it's possible that if you haven't logged into the account since 2014, it was automatically deleted, as many very old, inactive accounts were. Unfortunately this is the most likely case, sorry :c


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