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Hey everyone!

It's hard to believe I discovered this game nearly ten years ago. Time has sure flown by! Throughout my time here, I've made so many fun memories and met so many creative people. I will always cherish the amazing friends I made. As my life gets busier, however, I have less time to attend my staffing responsibilities. It's time I step down from my position and take my leave

With that said, I just want to give a huge thank you to the community. It has been an honor serving all of you these last six years, and I wish you all well

With love,

It is absolutely heartbreaking to see you go, Kiki. The last of the OG crew </3 but I completely understand and don't blame you whatsoever. As much as it's sad to see a Kiki shaped hole here in FH, I am so happy you are giving your life the attention it needs.

It has been an absolute honor working with you. I couldn't ever trade the time I've had with you and the others for anything. You are such an amazing staffer, and I want to say thank you so much for your time, efforts, and care endlessly poured into this little place.

All the things I've learned from you, Morgra, Sura, Ressy, everyone, I am so grateful and I cherish every single moment. Thank you so much for your time here in FH, we will never forget you! Please take care Kiki bean!

I'm going to miss you a lot Kiki. Feel free to talk to me on Discord anytime!

remember us on the slow days, we're so grateful for all the work you put in.
happy trails.

You will be very missed, Kiki!
I'll have to bug you to come play some games!


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