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Scientific Name: Magna Suricata Suricata
Lifespan: 12-19 years
Trophic Level: Carnivorous
Mass: Females: 98- 140 lbs Males: 89 - 120

Beastkats are basically just very big meerkats. They're closest ( and maybe obvious ) relatives are mongoose, meerkats,  and any other creature in the family Herpestidae.
Since they belong in the family Herpestidae, they are also feliforms, which means "cat-like" carnivores. They are also distantly related to hyenas since hyenas are also in feliformia! Beastkats also make meerkat sounds, and also they can roar, they have special vocal cords that allow them to make both sounds. Like meerkats, their group is called a "mob" or a "gang". All members of their gang are usually related, older brothers or sisters or cousins! Everyone has each other's backs in their gang.
Beastkats are very similar to normal meerkat and mongoose anatomy, just scaled up. Similar to Spotted Hyenas, the females are somewhat larger than the males, and slightly stronger too. They have non-retractable claws, meaning their claws are always out and can never be pushed into their paws. They have teeth sticking both out of their upper jaw, and lower jaw. Their iris are usually either brown, yellow-ish brown, dark brown, or a dark yellow. They have normal white scleras with thin, slit pupils.
Beastkats, despite of their mean and fierce appearance, are actually quite docile and friendly. They usually may even hunt with other species because of their friendly nature! The only times when they are aggressive is if they are provoked or feel threatened, or hungry. When a beastkat is trying to get a mate, he will do something that is exactly like spotted hyena courtship.
After a hunt with either their mob or gang, they will usually let the pups eat first. But if no pups are present at the moment they will all dig in at the same time. They will protect any weaker beastkats from harm in their mob.
Beastkat diets consist of rabbits, deer, insects, honey. Pretty simple lol.
~How To Make One!~
Now that you know information on them, this is how you make these awesome mammals!
This is the Ideal Anatomy ingame for one!

And now, how to get that teeth effect, (You must have LIP or Girly Items+LIP for this part!)
you just use the "GZ Female Saberteeth" And then the "Boar Tusks". AND THAT is how you make a beastkat! See you later!


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