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Gobkin +*Open Species!*+


So it's basically just goblins mixed with felines or canines, whichever you prefer. There are subtypes of Gobkins. There is fire, water, poison, and earth. A cool reference for this is the minions from the game Overlord.

Fire gobkins are different shades of red and brown here is my OC Grog for example

Water gobkins are yup you guessed it, blue and other cold shades! Ex.

Poisonous gobkins are mostly green. My gobkin-sona is a great example! Their name is Gruxi.

Last but not least! Earth/dirt gobkins! Here is an example I made.

Also feel free to get creative! I'd love to see different elemental gobkins! You are not restricted to only making these elements!
;D Items/Accessories https://www.deviantart.com/misspinker/art/A-Mix-Item-packs-that-are-AWESome-358251655
 ;D Canine Ears https://www.deviantart.com/enchanteddovewolf/art/FH-Big-ol-flappers-702643878


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