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The Drago Canidae (or simply Dragon Wolf)

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Hello there!, i have a post about my character and a little bit about me (link in my signature), and i saw that people thought my character and story is very interesting and unique!, and i think that i should really make it a species, so yeah, here it is!, you can find the whole roleplay concept, start of my RP story, and the backstory of this species in my character's introduction linked in my signature, this is mainly about the species itself ^^
Venus and Lucy (which Legendum plays, i created this RP with them ^^), are the only kind of Drago Canidae in this RP, but i would love to see more Dragon Wolf characters from other people!, I have a group in-game for the RP which is called Dragon Wolf RP, which me and Legendum are in with our main characters for the rp, i dont know if ill let other people play in it too, but you're allowed to join with your character and chat together with us together as Dragon wolves!
Now lets talk about the species itself and all of its details, ill have examples too, so dont worry!
First, we got the full dragon sided one, here is a good example of what it would look like: (my character is a full dragon sided one so thats an example too)

Full sided dragon wolves most of the time have various beautiful colors fitting eachother, most are colorful, but they can also have colors like black or white for example, they have back ears, forward mowhack, bat wings, and they will have head marking scales2, body marking scales2, and tail marking scales1, they always have any type of glow slit and they may have tufts and manes, most of the time they have cat tail type, they will either have nothing on their tail or something on their tail such as night fury tail fins (but tails vary so you dont have to use that!), they can have any extra equipment like horns or other stuffs, be creative in what your character looks like!, you will need legendary markings and you may have legendary items to make this type of character

Now we got the half sided dragon wolf!, here is a good of example (Lucy, another dragon wolf which is venus's friend, played by Legendum also is a half sided one)

Half sided dragon wolves always have natural colors, such as brown, white, gray, black etc, they have normal types of ears, any type of mowhack, bat wings, and they can have various types of beautiful markings or the half dragon markings, they always have any type of glow slit and may have tufts and manes, most of the time they will have any type of wolf or dog tail, they will either having nothing on their tail or something like the xeno (dont remember their full name :P) but tails vary, so you dont have to use that, they can have any extra equipment like horns and other stuffs, and again, be creative in what your character looks like!, you may have legendary markings and you may have legendary items to make this type of character
Now ill tell you about their ways of doing things or things they just do or are able to do, so your roleplays with your dragon wolf can come to life more!
First of all, they are very quick, they possess flight as they have wings, and compared to normal wolves, are able to retract their claws, they also have a very strong bite, and they can breath the type of fire you would like your character to have! (my character has a glowing mint/blue breath for example), they are predator animals, so they will hunt for food, examples are zebras and rabbits, they hunt mostly the way a lion does, they can use their bite, claws, tail, wings and breath to defend themselves from enemies such as the canine packs and feline prides, they can either be solitair or be in packs, even if they are blinded, they will still have strong senses such as their ears, nose and feel to help them, they are able like any wolf, to move and turn their ears, for example when they hear something or are sad, and that is pretty much it for that!, but there is another thing, they actually have their own gender pronounce which is Draegony (Female) and Draegone (Male), you can also add a breed to your character such as mine being a ''Blue scaled SwiftWing'' but you dont have to
Now ill tell you how to become a dragon wolf!
First of all, ask me in the comments!, tell me stuff about what your character will be like and create your character's design already in-game (dont use it yet!) and send me screenshots of it privately, ill either approve the character or tell you what to change about it, and if you changed it to fit, then you may go ahead! :D, and now you can play with them!, ofcourse there are thousands of types of dragon wolves in the world and im definetly not the only one making them, but my type of Drago Canidae still is my species with their specific design type, habits and backstory, so i would love it if you credit me whenever you tell about your character ^^ [/size]
Advantages of having a Drago Canidae character:
You will be able to join the Dragon Wolf RP pack!, i will not let people roleplay in the main Dragon wolf RP yet, but Dragon wolves are allowed to join and come and chat with us!, to join, just friend me (arilioness) in-game and when im online, you can whisper me and ask if you can join with your character :D, ill invite you then!
Second, you will ofcourse be able to make your own amazing Dragon wolf RPs based off the backstory of the dragon wolves!
Ill hope you will enjoy!, thanks for joining in ^^

Wow! This is very good! More people should see it!

Very interesting species concept!

Thank you guys ^^

 It's amazing! I'm so glad people enjoy that ^^  and yeah I finally found how to login the forum XD. Anyway, I really hope  that some people will join. ^^


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