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The Feral Plains Zebra

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The Feral Plains Zebra
Hello!, welcome to this species, the feral plains zebra!
The feral plains zebra is a zebra breed native to the feral lands, among the 2 dominating kingdoms, The Canine packs and Feline prides
And today ill tell you how to make a character of this beautiful breed!
First i will tell you info about them
The Feral plains zebras mostly live in herds among the misty mountains or the sunny plains of the feral lands, they will always seek for healthy grass and fresh water to survive, their natural predator enemies usually are lions, hyenas, and sometimes wolves, wild dogs might also be aiming on them, and its a common everyday life thing for them to be escaping these hunters, most of the time they will survive, as they have amazing strageties planned out in case predators are near to attack, but they arent always that lucky, because some just got it planned out a little better, and manage to capture one in their bites, in case of great danger, feral plains zebras will attempt to attack with their powerful kicks, their hooves are very strong, feral plains zebras will have a few calls that they will quite commonly use among their herds, such as their loud plains zebra-like calls, they might also breeze sometimes, other than their calls to communicate, they can also use their movable and turnable ears, and their tails, feral plains zebras are known for their beautiful stripes, and these are actually a great way of survival for them, since lions are color-blind, they will get very confused when seeing the herd close together, as it will look like a bunch of moving stripes to them, these lovely creatures might also be able to claim territories and dens for their herd (you can also pretty much compare them to spirit from spirit stallion of cimarron, they are wild but great creatures), Relatives of this species are the plains zebra, burchells zebra and the quagga
Now ill tell you about how to make a character of this species!

First you will choose the canine species, and give them a name, its recommended giving them a fitting name, named from things such as the species, area, their personallity, or appearance, the slide settings dont matter, but you must put their ears on the smallest possible, and the 7th option must be pretty much to the left, but not too much, just like shown on the picture above, all of the three last options must be completely put to the right, for the next parts of the appearance, ill say that you must have legendary markings and items, the tail option must be tailess, mane does not matter, but its recommended giving it a mane, ears should be back ears (looks most like zebra ones), and tuft should only be back mane, eyes should be black, body markings zebra, head markings striped, and tail markings none (since you wont need them), you dont need any equip wings, and you can put on any item you like! (but not too much items and not too much out of the ''wild'' and ''feral'' category), but you must have the lion tail item on, next off to the colors, it doesnt matter!, choose any colors you like!, but do base them off any examples of real zebras such as normal zebras, albino zebras or even the quagga subspecies of the zebra, but do not use unnatural colors (such as blue, pink, etc), your eye color may be based off any real possible eye color and then you can create your character!
Drawing of this species:

This is drawn by me!, do NOT steal my art

Cool! We need more non-canid and non-felid species! ( I saw Zega today!)

True!, and yea XD

-slams fists- I love the coloring.

Thanks XD


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