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Zurros ~ Open species!


Hello there! Kanine here. Today I randomly came up with a species. They don't really have much info about them yet. Side note: I am not sure is that okay/allowed but to make a proper one you need a mod!
https://www.deviantart.com/enchanteddovewolf/art/FH-Big-ol-flappers-702643878 < This one!
Let's begin
Zurros are tall and long canine-like creatures with big amounts of fluff covering them. They are most commonly spotted in colder locations or the Ficho Tunnels. It's considered pretty rare, if not impossible to spot one in warmer locations. Zurros aren't very social. They prefer to be either on their own, or around other zurros. Despite being not very social, zurros sometimes form groups of 3 to 6 members. A group of zurros is reffered to as a pack. It's very uncommon to spot a zurro village, but not impossible. If you want to find a village, it's recommended you look on higher and colder areas surrounded by deep forests. Even when all of the former conditions are present, it's pretty hard to spot a village. They make sure to hide it very well.
That's all I have to say about their habitat. Now to their looks, coats and requirements.
To make a proper zurro, those must be followed!
Full tuft
Sickle tail
Glow orb eyes
"Big ol flappers" ears

Muzzle: Anything below default or default
Cheeks: Max
Nose: Max
Forehead: Minimum
Ears: Default size or slightly bigger
Eyes: Max size
Weight: Minimum
Tail: Max size
Width: As small as possible
Height: Anything above default
Lenght: As long as possible
Mane: Any
Accesories: Any
ficho tunnels: Grayscale or really dirty/muted colors. NEVER BLACK OR DARK! Colors always have to be dark, same applies to markings and mane. Any eye color.
Any cold/winter area: White or almost white coat/markings/mane. No dark color rule still applies. Any color eye rule still applies aswell.
Things you cannot do:
Add wings
Add dark/neon colors aside of eyes. Pastel/light only. can get a LITTLE darker ONLY if living in ficho tunnels.
Add technology stuff (no sabers, glowing accesories, guns etc) please keep it as natural as possible ♥
Change the proportions from given ones
Use different tails/ears/tuft

Things you can do:
Use any markings as long as the colors stay within the rules. I'd only ask not to use the chimera/snake tail
Add accesories! Swords, flower crowns, collars and such are very welcome!
Give them any colored eyes
Add horns
That's it! It's not exactly required but would be really nice if you either commented below your zurro so I could approve their design. Alternatively you could dm me on insta (@K9Trash) or discord (Satan#9296).
Side note: As the species evolve I am planning to make some people curators or leaders. Those people are allowed to break the rules and make mutated zurros. For now it's only me, and for now there is no way to obtain mutations (possible mutations as of now: Wings, dark colors)
Everyone is free to make a zurro as long as it follows the rules! Have a splendid day/night ♥

I like 'em! Very creative to use the floppy ears

Very nice species, I would love to run around in Ficho to find them. Thank you for sharing. <3

I made some examples! Here are my two zurros and i guess a tiny help with colors showing about how dark they can get?
Sorry for the stash, I still have no idea how to properly use the forum

Very cute species! indeed very creative of you to create these creatures. Great job! I'll try to make one.


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