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Anterled/Horned Sunbears


Once upon a time there were sun bears. While they still exist there is an unspoken of variant of these bears lost to history...
Rediscovered recently, we gladly present the antlered sun bears!

Sun bears aren't considered a sub-species because their DNA is exactly that of a normal sun bear's. Only with 1 difference, the antler or horned gene! Sun bears have been found to be descended from a single antlered sun bear. He was known as Solar. His parents both didn't have antlers, but he ended up having antlers. The reason why is because all sun bears carry the antler/horn gene but they are inactive. By some rare chance, Solar's reactivated and he became the first antlered sun bear! He ended up having cubs of his own. All of his descendants have either antlers or horns. An antlered sun bear can breed normally with an antler less one and still have normal cubs, and possibly horned or antlered offspring.

Sun bears with horns or antlers are exactly like their hornless and antler less cousins, they are omnivores and will eat fruits, berries, roots, insects, and small animals. Even honey if they can get their paws on it!

Antlered/horned sun bears are born with small antlers or horns. Both male and female antlered sun bears have them! Their antlers/horns grow with them as I get older. Very older antlered/horned sun bears have very big antlers.

Antlered/horned sun bears aren't very social either, they are solitary just like their antler or hornless counterparts. However they'll be by their mate's side forever if they have one. They'll help raise the cubs too.

Their antlers help them in self defense, not for mates or for show. They're still the exact same size as a normal sun bear, just with either antlers or horns. Tigers prey on them less though due to them having antlers, which confuses them. Their non antlered or hornless cousins aren't so lucky though! Tigers prey on sun bears, antlered and horned sun bears will take advantage of their gift to defend their cubs, weaker bears, and their antler lacking and hornless cousins.

Solstice the sun bear is a prime example of a descendant of Solar.  She has antlers! But as you can she is very close looking to normal sun bear. You've probably noticed something, they're all named after light or sun related things. Indeed, it's traditional for a sun bear to be named something sun or light related. Bears with normal sounding names aren't uncommon though, most bears however prefer to traditionally name their cubs.

Thanks for coming to my bear talk. Hope to see some fellow antlered/horned Sun bears someday!

But those antlers tho... XD

Pretty balls! You're very talented about mixing items and models :o really lovely ballsballs ❤️🧡💜


--- Quote from: Groogle on September 18, 2020, 04:47:38 am ---But those antlers tho... XD

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She has quite the large antlers..


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