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Feral Shar Pei


The Feral Shar Pei

Picture of a "meat mouth" feral shar pei. Unknown photographer

Feral Shar Pei are a breed of dog that roam the lands of Feralheart, like their earthling counterparts they range from
"Meat mouth"

to "Bone mouth"

Differences From Their Earthling Counterparts
Due to the lack of humans, the feral shar pei have interbred with wild canines such as wolves. They lack the excessive wrinkles that you might find in a typical "meat mouth". Feral "meat mouth" shar pei kept their wrinkles around their vulnerable parts, such as the face & neck, neck, and legs.

General anatomy
Feral shar pei bodies range from being big, burly bodies built for battle to lean, agile bodies. "Meat mouth" shar pei have loose, wrinkly skin around their faces, necks, and legs for protection. Both variants are just as strong as each other.

Being canines, feral shar pei are social animals. They do enjoy the company of a fellow pei but wouldn't mind being left alone either. Packs usually consist of both "meat mouth" and "bone mouth" shar pei. Leaner shar pei are usually both great fighters and hunters! Though not as great fighters as a burlier "meat mouth". Meat mouths are usually ideal for helping hunt prey that bites back! They have a similar pack structure to that of a wolf pack's. The parents are always dominant over their children in a shar pei pack.

Burlier shar pei such as the "meat mouth" are usually taught to "land the first blow" to any enemy unfortunate enough to pick a fight with a shar pei. Like a lion's mane their wrinkles are their "natural armor". Leaner shar pei such as the bone mouths will be on the defensive mode until they get close enough to chomp down on the enemy if possible. Shar pei in general have a powerful, nasty bite you would not want to experience.

woah, this was really fun to read and pretty creative! Love this, hope to see one feral shar pei myself someday:DD

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