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Buffy has been Sold



Last Month I put my beloved character Buffy up for Auction with a starting bid of £1,000 GBP and I'm happy to finally say that she has been sold.

Buffy was a much loved character of mine and others in the TLK / FeralHeart community for a little over a decade and I finally decided to retire her in 2020 after feeling less connection to her over a 2 year period due to a bad but relieving break-up in 2018. Though I had many fond memories of and with her and made so many wonderful friends online through her, in the end after the time between 2018 and 2020 the bad eventually outweighed the good and I could no longer connect with her like I once could or did for many years prior.

I'm grateful and relieved to announce that Kouvinxx is now the new owner of Buffy, as now I know she hasn't gone into the hands of an absolute stranger but instead someone I am very familiar with.

From 26.06.2022 Kouvinxx now holds ownership of Buffy where she now...

- Has access to all art I could find of her so far.
- Has total permission to modify her appearance to however she desires.
- Has total permission to change her name.

Due to this purchase I must please ask those who address me as Buffy call me Bawfle instead as my attachment and ownership to Buffy is now gone and has been handed over. I also request that if you see her around in FeralHeart that you do not assume she is me as Buffy now belongs to a completely different person and not the Moderator you once knew as I know identity can be very important in FeralHeart. Please accept my post as I feel it is important to keep this around on the Forum somewhere and this board felt like the most suitable place with it being about a character and the board not really having any rules saying I cannot.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice end to your Sunday!

Kind Regards,


So happy you got her sold! I'm sure Kouvinxx is extremely happy with her purchase! <33

thanks for updating us on this! it's definitely a big change since in the time i've know/about you, you've always had buffy with you, but i understand the need to let go and move on!
take care of yourself out there


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