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My newest Baby is done!!!!(Peaches, The Mushroom Cat)

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I finally finished her!!!!
I've been working on this sweety for over a year. Finally finished her ref sheet. And I am absolutely in love with her.
Meet my New baby... Peaches, The Mushroom Cat.

As you can see I have a thing for mushrooms. The mushrooms I based her on were Rhodotus palmatus or Peach Wrinkle Mushrooms. They are also known as netted rhodotus, the rosy veincap, or the wrinkled peach. However, I think the image I based her design on was photoshopped unfortunately cause she is more of a light pink than Peach and the Secretions are more blood red than golden.

Images of the natural Mushroom itself. (Peach Wrinkle Mushroom)
The Exact Image I based Peaches Off of
I didn't even realize it I was over 60% done with designing Peaches. So I rolled with it.
However, as you can tell she has a lot of different Mushrooms all over which would make her a pain to draw. If I ever were to get art made of her. They probably charge me a lot but I did make a solution to that.
As you can guess mushrooms are somewhat delicate. Doesn't take too much to break them. So Figured, her mushrooms would fall off often. So, of course, she would grow her mushrooms back. So The artist can take a lot of liberties with the mushroom placement and how many mushrooms she has on her body. Cause they would pretty much break off often that she would constantly be growing new ones.
Though the mushrooms are NOT edible. Please Keep that in mind.
As for the Jelly-Like secretions, also known as Guttations. These are the same way as the mushrooms. They easily come off her body. It's why some of these droplets are bigger than others. Maybe at some points, she would have more of these droplets than others.

Her hair also is the same way. Cause it's your standard tree lichen you can find on any tree. It's flexible and soft but at the same time can easily snap off.
Her chest lace or floof if you wanna call it that. Are not native to the Peach Wrinkle Mushroom. But, fit me and Peach as a character more as I like chest fluff a lot. (You can notice that in most of my characters)
This Lace is more similar to mushrooms like this Fly Agaric Mushroom.
Fly Agaric Mushroom
Peaches is more of a layered version of this. But it's not fragile as the mushrooms, Lichen hair, or Jelly-Secretions.
These can stand a lot of wear and tear. Similar to fur or just an extension of her body. (Like flesh)
Despite this, they are very soft.
In the future, I may make more of these Little beans and sell them as adopts. I'll be honest, took every fiber in me not to turn her into a tiger. Why? The whisker markings... Most tigers have this at the base of their whiskers. But with the spots no way I could have done that to her. But sure as heck the next one I make for sure will be a mushroom tiger.

That said, I'm glad I got the chance to share my new baby with you. Hope to share more of mine with you.

She's gorgeous and so creative! I love the description as well. She has a really nice colour pallet <3


--- Quote from: Kouvinxx on August 24, 2022, 07:03:00 pm ---She's gorgeous and so creative! I love the description as well. She has a really nice color pallet <3

--- End quote ---

Thank you, I'm glad you like her. I will say I love her color palette aswell. Part of the reason I love the Mushrooms. But edited and un edited versions.

I absolutely love her oh my goodness. Super pretty colors and design work- great job!


--- Quote from: Ame88 on August 26, 2022, 07:59:28 am ---I absolutely love her oh my goodness. Super pretty colors and design work- great job!
--- End quote ---

Thank You Ame. You know, You've seen her from start to finish pretty much. She was in the works for over a year. And it finally paid off XD


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