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Anyone remember a fox RP group a few years ago?


So a few years ago, I was in this Fox clan RP group on FH. The leader's username had "watermelon" in it, and it was a blast. I was the top medic fox, going by the name Love Note. Then, out of the blue, the FH breach happened. Trying to get back in was a whole ordeal, and when I finally did, the group was pretty much gone. I was the only one playing for weeks and i just gave up eventually cause no one logged on. Wondering if anyone else was in that group or remembers it

I'm going to move this over to the FeralHeart Game Discussion board as it's more relevant to FeralHeart than off topic =)

I would like to say that I remember a RP fox group like that, however I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the one you're talking about.


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