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if you're missing feralheart, why not log on?

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like many of you, for quite a while now I've been missing this game so, so much. then i realized -- it's still up, and there's so many people lamenting, so why aren't we logging on? if everyone saying how much they wish the game was more active logged on regularly, i'd wager there would be 100+ people online -- more if we spread the word!

so why not log on? while you're at it, if it's your thing, i've also started an in-game warrior cats RP :) check out the group advertisements if you're into that. even if not, spread the word and log on!! i'll be on all day, personally.

Hi, I assume people are busy. A lot of the old player base were in their early tweens to early adulthood, I started playing FH when I was 12-13 years old, i'm 24 now) and now most of said playerbase are adults. Real life is a thing even if we are all wanting to hop on sometimes there isn't that time in the day.

Concerning me, I had a problem with the game. That's why I left for a long time. But your topic is the perfect opportunity to say I'm back !

A few years ago, I couldn't log in the game for no reasons. I pass the details, but I tried everything I could do to fix it, but nothing worked. I was desperate I couldn't play that game anymore, and I was more desperate because of some "children players" who had trash talking to me during my last connexion. So I gave up...

Of course, as cosmohause said, I also had my adult life with busy stuff, and others video games to play (not much playing as a wolf character though...). So I forgot FH for a while...I don't know...5 years ? 6 ? 7 ? Even if I didn't uninstall the game, I didn't play...until today !

I don't know how it's possible, but today, just after the new year, I remembered the game and tried to log in just in case, and it worked !!
It's Christmas again !

So to answer your question, there are many reasons that could make people leave the game (busy life, connexions problems, bad people in the game...), but it doesn't mean that some old player won't come back, or that new players would join, or that the game will die soon ^^

I wanted to answer your question, but I also wanted to share how much I'm happy to play this game again, sorry if that's bothering ^^" Hope to see you in game. Take care and happy new year again !

What Cosmohause said is correct. A majority of the playerbase are adults now, with busy lives and no time to get on the game as much as we used to when we were younger and didn’t have adult jobs and social lives to attend to. While I would love to be able to get on the game all the time, or play games all day in general, I just don’t have that sort of time anymore! I have a job, a boyfriend, and other things like running errands to do. I get on when I can, but it certainly isn’t as much as I used to be able to get on when I was a child.

Many people indeed grew up. And forgot about FeralHeart. Especially also with alot more modern games, this small corner of the internet can be easily forgotten. Although from my experience I’ve seen people come and go, and new players joining. Yeah it would be good if it got a fresh new playerbase~ But personally i do not see FH die anytime soon/at all. This game has gone through quite some a lot, but FH keeps bouncing back after a while. And of course the little bugs or connection problems the game has sometimes is enough to think it’s not worth it to hop on and play. (I too have times that I am done with FH because of errors or connection trouble). Who knows, maybe 2024 will be a better year for FH.


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