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Your favourite animal EVER?

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Horses are my favorite animal. The strength and beauty of a horse is just outstanding. There's a bond between rider and horse that others can't see but must feel to know it's there. A sense of responsibility and love makes me attracted to the horses. This is why I own an Appaloosa.

Platypus. They're just so darn WEIRD D:

aaand of course the tiger. you can't deny their beautiful flawlessness C':

Cheetahs, Wolves then Lions. 8'D

I always go for the underated or more obscure animals. I love capybaras  and pallas cats and kakapos and sable antelope ... Man, its tough to decide on a favorite because I love tons of animals.

North American Grey Wolf.

Arguably the most beautiful and misunderstood creature on this planet.


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