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new member has joined feralheart forumz! just kiddin', help me name my kitty ;D

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so i got my new kitten! picked her up a few hours ago. it's a girl, 9 weeks old and i have no idea what breed of cat she is. she's sorta timid, still getting used to my house and stuff. hasn't got a name yet, so gimme all the names you can think of :) umm i couldn't upload a pic cause it said upload folder is full or something. but anyways, she's white with brown patches and she's got grayish brown eyes. looks green sometimes, but it's a grayish brown :)

cheers x

Aww I love kittens.
I have a 9 year old, almost 2 year old and a 6 month old xD

Their names are Rosie, Holly and Nessie.

Hm, your cat sounds so cute!
How about.. Kate, Cinder or even Spot?


I love kitties, too! I've got one. I think he's about 6-7 months old. He's name is Sorvass and he's British Shorthair. <3

I have got no idea about names. I hope you'll name her soon!

If you are able to get a pic up I could probably help, sometimes you just don't know that perfect name until you see them.

I dunno, maybe some human names? Like Alice, Fela... Or maybe something japanese? ^^ Hana means flower, Tsuki - moon, Senritsu - music~ :3


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