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Making fun of my personality LMAO

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I personally find it hilarious and cringey how i used to act, and i cant believe it was litteraly only in 2019 like mate thats not that long ago is it? Ok maybe it is. But thats not the point 😜

Its so funny and strange to me seeing how i used to be an UWU kawaii baka girl before and now im a teenager obsessed with rick and morty and a non existent cowboy and horses. And before i was an anime uwu girl. i dont have anything against people who are unless they do specific bad things like are racist or etc etc but lets not bring that up shall we<3

If you dont mind, maybe share some things you found funny about your past self because why not? <3
I used to do wierd fox roleplays as a kid BAHAHA)

i remember i used to literally like rp as warrior cats with a girl from my school irl at recess and lunch and it was so cringy now but it was so fun at the time!
also like looking back at the things i did on feral heart i cringe alot because i was a cringy 12 year old.. ew.

When I first joined this game I only had feline characters because I thought the default canine texture was quite hideous to say the least. Little did I know, you can change it to anything!

considering how much I've advanced with my art, I think my old art is pretty funny compared to my present one, also, I tried to be cool when I was younger but failed miserably in real life.

i always tried to be cool aswell please LMFAO, id always make edgy feralheart characters


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