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Ataraxia - Impressive Title Server


Welcome to Ataraxia!
We are a nostalgic IT server focused on preserving the spirit of servers past while also bringing in new content for players to enjoy.

Ataraxia offers the following:
+ Vanilla maps and models
+ Custom UI
+ New, server-exclusive critters, items and body parts
+ SoE content
+ Complete retexture of vanilla and SoE critters
+ Over 600 items and 200 critters
+ Contests and giveaways with prizes such as personalized pets
+ Unlimited account, character and preset slots

What is to come:
+ Redesign of vanilla IT maps and new custom maps
+ Complete retexture of vanilla and SoE items
+ More server-exclusive markings, critters and body parts
+ Server lore

>> Ataraxia's Official Website <<
>> Click here to join Ataraxia's Discord server <<

oo looks pretty promising! Bookmarking this thread so that I can check it out when possible ;D

Oh an IT server! This looks very promising already, especially with the inclusion of SOE content! How exciting! I'll have to check the game out for sure!

Im having trouble with the download. i tried re-installing but no use. problems with the executer application looks like. I wouldve loved to see it, though.


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