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hit that (not so)bumpy snow XD

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Ugh I love snow so so much. We rarely get it where I live and when it decides to show up, all I can do is look out my window in awe as it falls. I would have to say the only chore would be shoveling it, but that's a price I'm willing to pay so long as I can see it every year xD

It actually snowed yesterday night, so I am more than happy to see it laying about in my town. Not looking forward to it melting though lol

another year and another way that i somehow got out of learning how to run our snowplow, oop.

regardless it's been pretty light and not super BuMpY back home and it's maybe flitted down like 4 flakes where i am now.

gonna consume the BuMpY sNoW and learn from its secrets guys wish me luck

Sooooo so much snow here. I love watching it fall and it's so pretty but it makes me so nervous to drive in

As for the bumpy snow, that was an April Fools prank staff did a few years back c':


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