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Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce that the Cybermals organization is actively developing an upgraded version of Impressive Title that utilizes the wonderful Godot game engine. This port of Impressive Title will feature much better performance, stability, and security than the old Ogre version of Impressive Title offers. It also features my new multi-threaded high-performance terrain system. This new terrain system offers much faster terrain loading times by utilizing a pool of worker threads to fully leverage the power of modrn multi-core CPUs. Here are some samples of our progress so far:

wow thats very exciting!! gonna definitely try it out when its out :D

Keep up the brilliant progress with upgrading Impressive Title, it sounds and looks very promising!

Thx everyone. Here is a video a friend made of our progress:

The Cybermals team is pleased to announce that we now have a new realistic sky system, waving grass, and our first animal NPC:


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