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Spirit of the North


If you've ever played the minimalist puzzle-adventure game Spirit of the North, you probably recognize my profile picture. XD It's a short but sweet experience where you play as a fox in Iceland, following the spirit of the northern lights (also a fox) as you solve puzzles and delve into the mystery of the red mist that swirls from a distant mountain.

The slightly clunky controls bothered me a bit at first, but the more I played the less of an issue it was.  Having dedicated "Bark" and "Wag tail" buttons was not something I knew I wanted, but now I wish more games had them. XD I was impressed how well the developers implemented those features in the game, with both the bark and the wag being used for puzzles and exploration.

The atmosphere is really unique!  There is no dialogue, no text at all except for the main menu and the end credits.  Everything is communicated by symbols, carvings, and the beautiful music that follows you through the game.  I do wish there were a few more songs in the game's soundtrack and that they were a little better-placed, but there were quite a few moments where the music added a lot of weight to the story.

I wish the game was longer so I could enjoy even more!  If you've played Spirit of the North, what did you think?  Are there any similar games out there, and if so, how do they compare?  Hope to hear your thoughts on this whimsical little piece of art!


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