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Edge of Extinction (Path of Titans/The Isle)



Edge of Extinction is a massively WIP community server dedicated to the dinosaurs games; Path of Titans & The Isle.
While this server is brand new, myself and other staff have been working hard to come up with unique features, rules, roles, and opportunities for dinosaur lovers and game players to enjoy their time with us.

We've now officially reached a stage where we are ready to open up a Path of Titans server to the public and would love to have you, as a fellow dinosaur lover and gamer, join us on official release and become a loyal member!

--- Quote ---Edge of Extinction is due public release for the games Path of Titans & The Isle.
Yes, it's just another community server dedicate to letting people walk around in a dinosaur simulation, roaring and clawing, but it also comes with a family-oriented atmosphere and even has plans to introduce mods for Path of Titans that have yet to be seen, but suggested by a lot of the Path of Titans community on all platforms. The smilodon and the mammoth.

--- End quote ---

Here are a few things about Edge of Extinction, as a TL;DR:
▸ Simple, easy-to-follow community & game server rules
▸ Friendly, active and open-minded staff team
▸ Exceptional attention to what the community wants
▸ Consistent ongoing research towards improving player experience
▸ Reward system for active members and a WIP reward system for Patreon supporters
▸ Cater towards Discord and non-Discord users by having a ProBoards forum
▸ Staff have days off to sit back and relax
▸ Each dinosaur comes with its own tier and profile, giving life to these playable models
▸ Super attentive to community feedback

Now onto the exciting part, I'm more than happy to share with you the progress our modeler has made with the upcoming Smilodon mod!



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